State of Video Codecs: AV1 and VVC algorithms and deployment

11 Novembre 2022

Iole Moccagatta, INTEL

Aula Riunioni DII, Via Caruso 16 Piano Terra

The state of video codecs is strong and dynamic. This talk will start by explaining why that is, followed by a review of the two most recent video compression standards: AV1 and VVC. Before deep diving into AV1 and VVC tools and performance, a high-level overview of block-based video coding concepts and terminologies will be presented. Deployment and market adoption of these two video codec standards will be presented as well. The talk will end with the presentations with conclusions and take aways.

Dr. Iole Moccagatta is a Principal Engineer at Intel working on HW Multimedia IPs that are integrated on Intel platforms. Prior to Intel she held the position of Senior Video Architect at NVIDIA, and that of Science Director at IMEC, Belgium.

Dr. Moccagatta has been a very active member of MPEG, ITU-T, and JPEG, where she has represented US interests and companies and made a large number of technical contributions. A number of those have been included in MPEG and JPEG standards. She is currently Co-chair of the MPEG/ITU-T Joint Video Experts Team (JVET) Ad-Hoc Group on H.266/VVC Conformance and Co-editor of the H.266/VVC Conformance Testing document.

Dr. Moccagatta has also been an active participant of the Alliance for Open Media (AOM) AV1 Codec WG, where she has co-authored two adopted proposals. She currently represents Intel in the AOM Board.

Dr. Moccagatta is also serving as IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) Regional Director-at-Large Regions 1-6, supporting and advising Chapters and their officers, providing input on how to serve and engage the SPS community in general, and the SPS industry members in particular, and using her professional network to attract new volunteers to serve in SPS subcommittees and task forces. 

Dr. Moccagatta is the author or co-author of more than 30 publications, 2 book chapters, and more than 10 talks and tutorials in the field of image and video coding. She holds more than 10 patents in the same fields. For more details see Dr. Moccagatta professional site at

Dr. Moccagatta received a Diploma of Electronic Engineering from the University of Pavia, Italy, and a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland.