[CrossLab Talk] Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises. A focus on innovative real Use Cases

20 Febbraio 2019

Federico Laschi

February 20 2019
DII Meeting Room
Via Caruso 16 Pisa



Abstract: Applied Intelligence, leveraging on Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, is powering new ambitions. The critical first step is to look for and unlock hidden value within companies data. With Applied Intelligence, we can collect, interpret, and enhance data to generate actionable insights and discover new opportunities, beside empower manual operators with AI-enabled tools to operate more intelligently and efficiently, freeing up time to focus on new added value opportunities. With industry-specific expertise in analytics, strategy and technology and industrialized solutions, we can operate for an intelligent business, anywhere in the world. By embedding AI into the core of companies business, trapped value will be unlocked, and new value create to help to realize tangible results faster than ever before.


Bio: Federico Laschi is a Senior Manager of Accenture Digital – Applied Intelligence Delivery. He is a Program Manager and Solution Architect and the Big Data Chapter Lead for Delivery initiatives in Italy, Central Europe and Greece. His expertise covers Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Strategy, Data Management and Data Architectures areas, with deep experience on the most relevant market technologies. He has cross-industry experience and managed many projects in Resources, Automotive, Media, Public Sector, Financial Services and Products Retail industries.

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