ITEMs 2019 - Workshop on Information Technology, Economics and Management

21 Febbraio 2019

Aula Riunioni Piano Terra
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
Via Caruso 16 Pisa

Un workshop congiunto tra il Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e il Dipartimento di Economia e Management sulla relazione tra ICT, management delle imprese e trasformazione digitale.




9.00    Institutional greetings
Nicoletta De Francesco -  Deputy Rector University of Pisa
Silvio Bianchi Martini - Head of Department of Economics and Management
Giuseppe Anastasi - Head of Department of Information Engineering

9.30    IoT and BigData
Chair: Silvio Bianchi Martini, DEM

Additive Technologies for Traceability and Anti-Counterfeiting - Simone Geovesi, DII
The actors behind the RFID technology: from the manufacturers to the consumers - Paolo Nepa, DII
Future Internet of Things systems based on Cloud/Fog computing technologies: business opportunities and challenges - Carlo Vallati, DII
Stance Detection and Opinion Mining based on Tweet Analysis - Francesco Marcelloni, DII
The opportunities of IoT and 5G in value production: looking beyond the startups - Stefano Giordano, DII

10.30    E-Health and Smart Cities
Chair: Federica De Santis, DEM

Organs-on-Chip: a new model for drug development - Giuseppe Barillaro, DII
Co-creation of Open Source Medical Devices: from the management of intellectual property to new business opportunities - Carmelo De Maria, DII
Wearable sensors and systems for e-health: research and opportunities - Alessandro Tognetti, DII
The importance of being smart. Cities at the forefront of disaster risk management - Vincenzo Zarone, DEM
11.30    Coffee Break


12.00      Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Autonomous Systems
Chair: Riccardo Giannetti, DEM

Business opportunities and challenges in the era of Automated, Connected, Electrified & Shared (ACES) mobility - Sergio Saponara, DII
Soft Robotics - Societal and Industrial Impact - Manolo Garabini, DII
Advanced Physical Human-Machine Interaction and Augmented Reality - Matteo Bianchi, DII
Machine learning for customer care and risk management - Claudia Presti and Federica De Santis, DEM
Designing Robo-advisors as commitment devices - Caterina Giannetti, DEM

13.00     Managing the Digital Transformation
Chair: Giuseppe Anastasi, DII

Emotions and Feelings in the Robots Decision Making Process - Danilo De Rossi and Lorenzo Cominelli,  DII
Digitizing and Innovate European Industries through multi-disciplinarity: An exploration of the multi-sectoral cooperation within the Tetramax Project -  Alfredo Antonino Scarfò, Giovanna Mariani, Luca Fanucci, DEM and DII
Assessing organizational Cybersecurity Preparedness - Federico Niccolini, DEM
Mind the (digital) gap: evaluating strategies for the development of digital competencies - Federica De Santis, Alessandra Rigolini, Claudia Presti, DEM
Changing Cost and Performance Management Systems (CPMS) to enable business Servitization and improve competitiveness of Italian manufacturing SMEs - Lino Cinquini, Riccardo Giannetti, Mario Rapaccini, DEM
Big Data e Analytics: profili di controllo manageriale, organizzativi e giuridici - Nicola Castellano, DEM