PREPRINT - high PREcision material PRINTer for electronics)

H2020-EU.1.1. - EXCELLENT SCIENCE - European Research Council (ERC)

Start Date: 1 July 2021
End Date: 31 December 2022

Gianluca Fiori

With material printer technology advancing and use expanding to more and more sectors, many seek to take advantage of this technology breakthrough by incorporating or improving current material printers. Current material printers have resolutions, which at best are of the order of tens of micrometres; this means they cannot efficiently produce detailed small objects or parts at the microscale. The EU-funded Preprint project will improve the resolution of material printers with the goal of allowing the production of integrated circuits with a large scale of integration for printed electronic systems. To do this, the team plans to capitalise on previous research and explore the possibility of resolutions smaller than 1 micrometre.