11 Settembre 2019
7th International Workshop
Applications in Electronics Pervading Industry, Environment & Society ApplePies 2019
11-13 September
School of Engineering, University of Pisa, Largo L. Lazzarino, Pisa,
Program and Registration:

info: Prof. Sergio Saponara.         


Program at a glance


Wednesday 11 September

Interactive Posters - Aula Magna Pacinotti

14.30-15.00 Interactive Posters (IP) Day Opening, chairs: S. Saponara, A. De Gloria

15.00-15.50 IP1 Vehicular, Robotic & Energy Electronic Systems, chair: R. Roncella

15.50-16.40 IP2 IoT & Integrated Circuits, chair: F. Bellotti

16.40-17.30 IP3 Digital Circuits & Systems, chair: M. Martina


Thursday 12 September

Oral Sessions - Aula Magna Dini

10.00-10.15 ApplePies2019 Opening & Institutional welcome, chairs: S. Saponara, A. De Gloria

10.15-11.30 O1 Rad-Hard Electronics, chair: F. Palla

11.30-11.45 DEMO SESSION (Aula Magna Pacinotti)

11.45-13.00 O2 Internet of Things, chairs: A. Solanas, S. Saponara

13.00-14.15 Lunch Break

14.15-15.30 O3 Processors & Memories, chair: M. Olivieri

15.30-16.45 O4 VLSI & Signal Processing,  chair: A. Mansour

16.45-17.00 DEMO SESSION (Aula Magna Pacinotti)

17.00-18.20 O5 Digital Circuits & AI Data Processing, chair: R. Berta

20.00-22.30 Social Dinner, Ristorante Alle Bandierine, via Mercanti 4, Pisa


Friday 13 September

Oral Sessions - Aula Magna Dini

9.00-10.40 O6 Sensors & Sensing Electronic Systems, chair: A. Bertacchini

10.40-11.40 Round Table: Trend in Italy on EuroHPC & the European Processor Initiative  (Cineca, E4, STMicroelectronics, University of Bologna, University of Pisa)

11.40-13.00 O7 Power and High Voltage Electronics, chair: E. Ragonese

13.00-14.30 Lunch Break

14.30-16.20 O8 Signal & Data Processing, chair: P. Tortoli

16.20-16.30 ApplePies 2019 Closing, chairs: S. Saponara, A. De Gloria