European projects

VOSTARS - Video and Optical See Through Augmented Reality surgical Systems

Start Date 1 December 2016
End Date 30 November 2019

The idea of integrating the surgeon’s perceptive efficiency with the aid of new augmented reality (AR) visualization modalities has become a dominant topic of academic and industrial research in the medical domain since the 90’s. AR technology appeared to represent a significant development in the context of image-guided surgery (IGS).

R2POWER300 - Preparing RZ extension to 300mm for BCD Smart Power


Start Date July 1, 2015
End Date December 31, 2018

R2POWER300 is committed to challenge the following objectives:

  • Development and manufacturing of a multi-KET Pilot Line (i.e. Nanoelectronics, Nanotechnology, Advanced Manufacturing;
  • Energy Efficiency and CO2 Reduction megatrends.

The strategy of this Pilot Line is based on two main pillars: